What types of disasters are covered under Recoop?

Recoop coverage protects against these major natural disasters: earthquakes, hurricanes (and subsequent storm surge), tornadoes, wildfires, dust storms, severe winter storms*, and gas explosions. Just remember, a state or federal disaster must be declared, except for gas explosions.  Recoop does not cover landslides, tsunamis, fresh-water flooding, or hail regardless of cause. *Winter storms and hazardous winter weather is covered when at least 5 inches or more of snow or sleet accumulate within a 12 hour period, or at least 7 inches or more of snow or sleet accumulate in a 24-hour period.)


Tell me more about these gaps in my insurance coverage.

The gaps are usually hiding in plain sight. Certain disasters, like earthquakes and storm surge, aren’t included in standard homeowners policies, so without Recoop, you’ll be on the hook for those. Other common gaps include things like depreciation of your roof’s value, high deductibles for disasters, like hurricanes, which can be anywhere between 5 – 30% of your home’s value, and variances in your home’s replacement value versus its market value. Plus, with typical home insurance you could be stuck waiting up to 30 days before you get paid after submitting a claim.


But honestly, why do I need Recoop?

Natural disasters are inevitable. If you need proof, just ask one of the residents of the 80% of U.S. counties who’ve experienced a weather-related disaster in the last 5 years. The risk is real and living in denial is costly, so we created Recoop to cover the gaps and pick up where your insurance stops.

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