Staying safe starts with playing it smart.

All this talk about disasters isn’t meant to scare you. It’s to help give you and your family the resources to quickly return to normal in the aftermath of a hurricane, wildfire, tornado, earthquake, gas explosion, winter storm or dust storm.

Here’s a simple checklist to stay safe:

Get a Recoop policy to cover the gaps in your existing home or renters insurance policy.
Enable emergency alerts on your smartphone so you can receive life-saving information.
Make an emergency plan with a shelter location, evacuation route and communication strategy so you know how to reconnect if your family is separated. Then practice working out any kinks before an actual disaster hits!
Build an emergency kit with things like a 3-day supply of food and water, battery powered flashlight, portable power bank, first aid kit and essential medications.

No deductibles. No loopholes. No gotchas.

Just really fast recovery cash up to $25,000.