We pick up where insurance stops.

Recoop Disaster Insurance is the first and only property and casualty insurance product that quickly pays claims following a natural disaster.

Our Mission

Recoop exists to cover the gaps left by most homeowners insurance policies in the wake of a natural disaster. We lessen the financial burden with affordable policies and expedited payments.

When insurance fails, we help you prevail, picking up the tab (and the pieces) so you can rebuild and get back to life.

“I worked in insurance for two decades and saw first-hand how gaps in home insurance were forcing Americans into financial ruin after a disaster. So when insurance companies continued to ignore the issue, I created Recoop.

Darren Wood

Recoop Founder
Our vision

To lead you into financial security
and stability after a natural disaster.

While we can’t eliminate the risk
of natural disasters, we can:

Give security to millions of families coast to coast (even those who think they don’t need it).
Deliver quick resources so you can bounce back faster after a disaster.

We aren’t your homeowner’s insurance.
We’re your safety net.

flexible money
If history has taught us anything, it’s that the sheer power of natural disasters know no boundaries. While we can’t prevent hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and other disasters, we can chart this mission:
Ensure that no individual or family experiences financial ruin due to a naturally occurring event beyond their control.
Recoop wasn’t built to replace your homeowners insurance (because you actually need that to get Recoop coverage). We’re like the friendly neighbor who’ll lend you the shirt off their back. Or like the warm blanket, there to comfort you in the immediate aftermath of the storm.
We become your safety net so you can rebuild and thrive.

No deductibles. No loopholes. No gotchas.

Just really fast recovery cash up to $25,000.