Our leadership team

Recoop isn’t in the insurance business. We’re in the do-good business. Because immediately following a disaster, people need a partner who speaks with actions, not policy jargon.

Regardless of title, each of our team members treats our partners and policyholders like a neighbor. That right-there-with-you mentality keeps us focused on our commitment to serving individuals, families, communities and the environment.

Doing good requires a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible approach. At Recoop, our commitment is to protect the environment, support local communities, and ensure ethical business practices throughout the supply chain. Read more about how we’re creating positive outcomes for all of our stakeholders.

A highly affordable, sustainable and socially responsible approach – now that’s just good business.

Darren Wood

Founder and Chief Product Officer


Kelly Anonson

Chief Distribution Officer​

Jeff Marshall

Chief Operating Officer

Steve Gaer


Jackie Iverson

Strategic Account Executive