How it works

Get covered. Get paid.

Unlike homeowners or renters insurance, which might take 30+ days to pay full benefits, Recoop is lightning-fast recovery cash that arrives in your account within just a few days.*

 After you’re enrolled, all you need to do is:

Set up your account.

After you enroll, access your account using the login details we’ll provide.

Upload current photos.

These “before” photos will help speed up your claim following a disaster.

Choose a payment type.

Tell us where (account-wise) you’d like us to deposit your recovery cash.

No deductibles. No loopholes. No gotchas.

Just really fast recovery cash up to $25,000.

Get your Recoop cash.

Once you’ve uploaded photos of your home, getting paid after a disaster is a snap.
Start your claim.

Following a disaster, submit a claim online or by calling 877-2RECOOP and answering a few questions.

Take damage photos.

We’ll help you upload photos of your home’s damage to fulfill your claim.

Get paid.

Upon approval of your claim, your Recoop cash will be deposited in your account.

requirements to get paid.

In order to get your Recoop cash, you only need to meet 3 simple qualifications.
You must carry an existing homeowners or renters insurance policy.
Your home or apartment must be in a state1 or federally declared disaster area2 and have sustained damages of $1,000 or more.
Damage must be a result of one of the following natural disasters: hurricane (with storm surge), wildfire, tornado, earthquake, gas explosion, winter storm3 or dust storm.

Upon further review …

In the event that damage isn’t clear or we don’t have the photos or information we need to process your claim, we’ll likely do one of two things:
Send an adjuster
We’ll send an adjuster to review the damage and your claim. This may take some extra time, but don’t worry. We’ll get your payment to you as soon as humanly possible.
Gather more info
We may collect weather data from your area to validate your claim, use technology—like drones—to assess damage, or review damage over a video call between you and our claims team.

See how our world-class backing covers you.

Ready to file a claim?

If you’re a Recoop customer, give us a call and start your claim: