Recoop Disaster Insurance Testimonials


Customer Testimonial – May 2024

When I initially received Recoop Disaster Insurance coverage through my employee benefits program, I remember thinking that it was a nice benefit, but I probably wouldn’t put it to use since I live in Michigan.

Clearly, I didn’t foresee myself being impacted by a tornado and having to submit a claim. So, when that did happen, Recoop was such a blessing. I appreciated how quickly the payment came through and that I was free to utilize the funds for anything I needed. In fact, the Recoop cash helped me cover some expenses that were not included in my homeowner policy, like the $20,000 in tree damages alone.

As a remote worker, this was a fabulous benefit from my employer that helped me recover my dual office and home in the face of disaster. I can attest to how Recoop helps people get back on their feet, especially in the most overwhelming of times. – Renae, Michigan resident


Customer Testimonial – July 2023

When my husband told me he signed up for a supplemental disaster insurance policy through his work’s open enrollment, I didn’t think it was necessary. But he assured me that, if nothing else, it would help cover our home insurance deductible if we were ever hit with severe weather.

And that’s exactly what happened. One night in June, our area experienced a state declared disaster, a tornado that brought 120 mph winds with it, which caused a tree to break into the back of our home.  It damaged our roof, gutters, trim, patio awning and broke a window in our daughter’s bedroom. There was water and glass all over.

We went through the typical hoops for filing a claim with our insurance. When we found out that it would take two weeks for an adjuster to get out to our home given the amount of damage in our area, we knew we needed to call in backup.

So, we turned to our Recoop policy. The claims process was extremely easy – and even better, we received the funds quickly. We had access to the cash we needed to get started putting our life back together while we waited for payment from our traditional insurance company. After filing a claim with Recoop, I can confidently say that they exceeded my expectation in every way possible.

Policyholder from Oklahoma