We’re covered so you’re covered.

We realize that a first-of-its-kind product like Recoop can bring a certain level of … well, uncertainty. Especially when it comes to paying you in one of life’s biggest moments of need.

Rest easy. Our ducks are in a row.

Recoop is backed by a list of world-class partners.

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We’re led by a team of insurance industry experts, backed by world-class business partners, and guided by decades of disaster data. Our network of strategic partners includes:
  • Claims administrator — when you need your benefits, we’ll take care of you.
  • Policy administrator — we lead you through enrollment and issue your policy.
  • Insurance operation specialists — a dedicated support team is only a call or click away.
  • Compliance team — our insurance nerds stay up on the law, so you get the coverage you’re entitled to.

Recoop complies with state departments of insurance.

Here’s a quick note about insurance compliance: Before a product like Recoop becomes available for purchase by the public, it has to go through an exhaustive vetting and approval process to make sure:
All state regulations are followed.
All requirements are met.
Then, for an added layer of protection, we send everything through our compliance partners for one last look before we get the green light. Doing all of that creates transparency, builds trust and protects the business, making sure Recoop is there to pay your recovery cash after a disaster.

No deductibles. No loopholes. No gotchas.

Just really fast recovery cash up to $25,000.