The Ins And Outs of Multi-Peril Insurance

As you’re skimming – I mean, reading – your homeowners or renters insurance policy, you’ll come across the word “peril” quite frequently. But what exactly does peril mean in the insurance world? Well, we’re so glad you asked because it’s something we just cannot stop talking about. The folks over at the International Risk Management Institute define peril as a cause of loss (think windstorm or collision). The list of mishap events or perils your property will be protected against can be found outlined in your insurance policy; however, this doesn’t mean all the known, costly perils that could happen will be included in your plan. Okay, but what’s multiple-peril insurance? Let’s start by breaking down the two main types of multiple-peril policies: named peril and open peril. Named-peril plans are very strict and only cover what explicitly listed in your policy, while open-peril policies cover all losses except those [...]

Tick Tock: The Home Insurance Waiting Game

Whoever said patience is a virtue clearly never had to wait on a home insurance claim to be paid out. After a disaster touches down, you’re stuck dealing with the physical damage sustained by your home, trying to figure out a short-term housing solution, and grieving the loss of irreplaceable items, so waiting to receive the funds from your insurance claim can only make matters more stressful. In 2021 alone, natural disasters in the U.S. totaled approximately $145 billion – that’s billion, with a B. The fact of the matter is that weather-related disasters aren’t slowing down anytime soon, and they can spell financial ruin for many Americans who don’t receive financial assistance from an insurance claim soon enough. While you may think your homeowner’s insurance policy will take care of everything quickly, that’s not always true. Depending on where you live and state laws, an insurance claim can take [...]

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