Employers: Don’t Let Consumers Get Swept Up in Financial Challenges This Tornado Season

In 2021, the U.S. recorded just shy of 1,400 tornadoes – which was up more than 300 from the previous year. Not only do severe weather events like this cause billions of dollars in damage and destruction, but they also leave tons of communities without power, internet, and other utilities. Many people are then left picking up the pieces, creating a financial burden to quickly bounce back from a tornado; that’s not something every person can afford to do. You may be thinking to yourself, “Okay, where do I come in as an employer?” The way we see it, you have excellent opportunities to show up for your employees and support them in the event of a tornado. Let’s break it down. It’s an office. No, it’s a home Today’s work environment gives employers and employees more flexibility than ever before, which comes with many benefits. For example, if you [...]

What Disasters at Home Mean for Our Work-From-Home Climate

In 2021, the contiguous U.S. states suffered 20 separate billion-dollar weather disasters. With widespread destruction and damage caused by severe weather, many communities are left facing internet, power, and other utility outages. This data shows the alarming truth: No one is immune to the realities of natural disasters. The destruction leaves more than damage to the home; it creates a financial burden for us regular folks to recover our property – an instability few can afford. The emotional stress brought on by severe weather is only compounded in today’s work-from-wherever era. Now that our homes often doubling as the “office”, the blows of severe weather at home is more than just a homeowner problem. It’s the employer’s problem, too. For example, employers have less say in the type of risk-mitigation efforts and preparedness their employees take against natural disasters. Maintaining a secure, connected workplace becomes a moot point when a [...]

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